Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Sexy Mother Pucker Gloss Stick | Raplumzel | Soap & Glory

So, as some of your may know, I recently took a trip back to the UK and of course, I spend too much money in boots(yay for new make up) and one of the things I picked up was something I hadn't tried before! It's this Soap & Glory sexy mother pucker gloss stick/crayon in the colour, Raplumzel! Cute as sh*t name, right?

If you know me on even a, hey, how're you kind of level, you'll know that I over buy on lip products, but I was just too tempted by this beautiful shade(and the buy one get one half price offer, oops?) But please excuse the last photo, I know my focus is completely backwards but I was so tired when I took these snaps, it looked fine on the screen. You all know how terrible I am at describing shades so bare with me here. Raplumzel is a beautiful, glossy, plum shade that's fairly subtle, it definitely leans more towards the pink side of the scale as oppose to the usual bold, reddy plum shades. 

Don't get me wrong, I love bold plum shades, more so than ever this season, but sometimes it's nice to go a little more natural, well, as natural as a deep pink shade can be, catch my drift? If you're still not convinced by my paragraph of confusing adjective's, then I highly suggest you go and try one out! I'm pretty sure you can't purchase Soap & Glory in Gib but you can in Sephora in Marbella, right around the corner from Hard Rock Cafe, it's the closest Sephora that I know of anyway!

As for the consistency it's ridiculously smooth and actually really moisturising! I had a quick check through the ingredients and I can't see any of the usual, shea butter or cocoa butter or anything, so it must just be magical, right? It also seems to leave a nice stain to the lips so throughout the day it's only really necessary to reapply for more shine! 

Have you tried this product? What did you think? Do you love it as much as I do? Let me know! Have a wonderful day 
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Monday, 26 January 2015

Quote of the Week | #51

"Don't think about what might go wrong, think about what could go right"

Happy Monday everyone! I hope your week's getting off to a good start ♡ I think many of us will put off certain things that fall in to our paths because instead of thinking about all of the great and positive things that could come of out it, we'll run through each and every single possibility of failure, myself included.

In my last quote of the week I spoke about choosing to follow my dreams. A big part of me not doing certain things throughout my life has been because of the above thought process. What if I do badly, what if -insert name here- doesn't agree, what if I hate it.. When really, the important thing to do is to think of all the wonderful things that could happen! So let this be a promise to myself to start and to continue to always think about the positive outcomes of a situation and discard the negative ones! Who's with me?
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Tuesday, 20 January 2015

The Primark One | OOTD

An entire outfit made up of Primark items, my oh my. Of course, my trusty boots are part of this, I promise I have others shoes, they're just so damn comfortable! Plus, I was in the country so I had to look the part, right?

Let's talk about the best bargain i've seen in a long time. This coat was on sale in Primark, I still don't understand how Primark have sales but it's fantastic! If you can guess how much it was you get 10 points, guessing? TEN POUNDS, £10, TEN! It was supposed to be £25 which is amazing enough but for £10, I just had to have it. Thanks mumma 

I'm sorry about the colour difference in these photos, it's just the way they turned out, but how beautiful is this skirt!? It's more like the colour in the first photo. I think it cost me £6, bargain. I would suggest getting it a size smaller(I know, crazy for Primark) as it turned out a little big on the waist, it's still perfect though.

Another great find was this adorable collared lace tee. Lace and a collar? I was sold within seconds! I think this was also around the £6 mark. Possibly the most adorable thing i've ever worn 

Over the years, Primark's quality has improved massively. Admittedly, there are always a few items that I look at and think, "who in their right mind.." but everyone's entitled to an opinion right? So what did you think of this look? Let me know! 

I hope you've had a lovely day! Keep smiling 
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Thursday, 15 January 2015

Bunty Yellow Gift | Lush

For my 20th birthday last year(oh my goodness how weird does it feel to say last year? And holy shit i'm going to be 21 this year!) my friend Kim kindly got me this lovely little "bunty box" from Lush! It contained two bath bombs, Space Girl and Think Pink, and two 100 gram bubble bars, Creamy Candy and The Comforter. I actually hadn't tried tried any of these products before so I was super excited to try them out for the first time! I can't find the gift box on a UK link but all the individual items linked here are from the UK site!

First of all, i'd just like to mention how adorable the packaging is! I adore the pink and yellow combo with the gigantic pink bow wrapped around it! Also, how incredibly fun are those little polystyrene nuggets?! Do they have a real name, let me know if you know!

Let's start with bath bombs shall we? First up we have Space Girl(£2.35 each) like I said, i've never used this product before but after giving it a whiff and a quick Google, I was more than eager to get the water running! Much to my suprise, I read that this little beauty had popping candy in it(if you're not sure what it is, google it and then purchase some, it's pretty intense) which instantly made me think of Guy Fawke's for some reason? As soon as it met the water it began bubbling and crackling and filling my nostrils with a ridiculously sweet yet fresh scent(I think that's the grapefruit in it?)! It left a super silky feeling to my skin which was an added bonus. Plus it's full of glitter, what more could you want?! I'd purchase this again in a heart beat.

Next up is the Think Pink(£2.65 each) bath bomb. Obviously I was equally as excited for this one as well, it's pink! It's sad I know, but pink things in general really excite me! As the label states, it has miniture rice paper hearts which float around(and stick to your body, but I didn't mind, it was super cute!) the bath water which honestly made me feel really loved, how sad is that one folks? This one is definitely more on the sweet side of the scent scale(accidental alliteration makes me happy oh my). It reminds me of the little milk mice sweeties? That super, almost sicky sweet vanilla scent? But I love it, that teamed with the pink bath water and the paper hearts, it's a bath fit for any Princess! I didn't find that it did wonders for my skin but the water did have a lovely feel to it. Another that i'd re purchase myself and I think this would be a great little extra for a birthday gift for your pals!

Moving on to the bubble bars, i've read a lot on the Comforter bubble bar across the blogging world and it seems to be a bit like Marmite. I, for one, loved it! I received the mini 100 gram version in my Bunty box but you can buy the jumbo size online.(£4.75 each) Just a quick note, in case any of you are unsure what a bubble bar is, it's sort of similar to a bath bomb, though you break off a small piece and crumble it under the running bath water and it makes a shit tonne a lot of bubbles, super entertaining! As the website, and every single review i've read, states, it has a deliciously sweet scent of blackcurrant, almost like Ribena, erm, NOM! It does make an incredible amount of bubbles which is fun! Although that's evidently the sls but that's a whole other blog post just waiting to happen. You do get a really fun, rich pinky, purple shade of bath water which is lovely! This scent did stick to my body/hair afterwards which was lush! (Do you get my pun?) I would re purchase this item but I wouldn't recommend it to you if you're not a fan of overly sweet scents. I managed two baths out of my 100 gram bar, you could probably stretch it a bit further but I really like bubbles.. sorry, not sorry?

Last but not least we have the Creamy Candy(£2.75 each) bubble bar. You use this one the same as the Comforter, crumbling it under the running water and what not. Another sweet scent but not overly sickly. It smells like the fair, that marvelous candyfloss scent, yum! This little beaut did leave my skin feeling silky soft, can I be shit and say as smooth as a babies bottom? Another pink, bubbly bath that i'd totally recommend to everyone!

So what do you think? Have you tried any of these bath products? I think my favourite of the four would have to be the Think Pink bath bomb! Which was your favourite? Let me know below 
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Wednesday, 14 January 2015

A Trip To The Abbey With Mum | Lifestyle

Firstly I just want to apologise  for the arrangement of these photo's but blogger has been driving me mad for over an hour now and I can't seem to fix it!

So yesterday, Mum and I decided to head to Tewkesbury Abbey to grab some snaps and I just thought i'd share my faourite ones with you all! Something a little different than the usual on here but I had such a lovely time. It was so interesting in there, full of History, although at one point we were the only one's in there and it was a little.. eerie to say the least!

If you live in the area and haven't been before, then you're missing out! Even the grounds are beautiful. It's humongous inside, such a fabulous work or art! We had a lovely time and mum even used the SLR, she loved it until the battery died haha! 

I hope you've all had a lovely day! Keep on smiling! Oh and look how massive that tree is! It reminded me of something out of Harry Potter!

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